Grocer Shop - 149 Taieri Road

 Store - 149 Taieri Road
Photograph (K316) from family 35mm colour slide.
No.149 Taieri Road at corner of Wairoa Street - 1967 view.
This was before Taieri Road was widened - you can just see Glossop's butcher shop veranda to the left of the red mail box at the left. You can also see the trolley bus wires. The spire of the Methodist Church towers over the store roof. The church was demolished in 1971.

The grocer shop proprietors in 1919 were John Vivian Garstang and Julia Eleanor Garstang, then the 1936, 1942, 1950 directories show George Hislop, storekeeper. After Hislops moved on, it was taken over by Frank and Jenny Greenhalgh and their adult son Francis.