agfa slide

Convert your 35mm slides

to digital images

kodak slide
Are you tired of dragging out those boxes of 35mm slides, then the viewer or projector just to look at a few images?   Why not have your slides converted to digital images to use on your computer, or create a DVD slideshow to send to friends.

I can convert your 35mm slides or 35mm negative strips to digital images for you. You can select from a range of sizes for your finished pictures, for example approximate sizes 800x600, 1024x768, 2028x1536 or any other size you may wish as long as the slide quality is good enough.

For small quantities (under 20) the cost is $2.00 per image plus the cost of postage/courier. The images can either be stored on CD/DVD for you or emailed to you depending on quantity. The saved file type will be .jpg unless you require an alternate format.   Enquire if you have larger quantities for a better cost per slide.

    Need 35mm slides converted to digital format ? - Click here to email Alan.

The image below is 800 x 550 but was still very good at 3260 x 2255.
slide copy
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