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Alana Dressmaking - 312 Highgate, Miss M Thompson proprietress. 1950 listing.
Aldridge, Mrs E. A., dressmkr, City Road, Roslyn, 1902 listing.
Allan Wm Jas, hrdrssr & tbccnst 102a Taieri Road (1950).
Allnutt Mr.W.C. - School Headmaster
Anderson, J.L.(Joe) ZL4BX - amateur radio operator.
Anderson, Mary (Mrs), fancy goods dealer, 86 High Street (now Highgate), Roslyn, 1909 listing.
Anderson, Wm, grocer, No.33 (now 15) Nairn Street. in 1919, 1936, 1942. View location today.
Angelo, Henry, Bookseller. No.33a Second shop (now 15) Nairn Street in 1919 & 1936. View location today.
Angelo M. - boxing classes 1928
Armour, John M, builder (workshop shown as corner section Oates St and Kaikorai Valley Road in 1942).
Arnal, James and David, boot and harness-makers, City Road, 1888.
Bailey, W.D.(Bill) ZL4RW - amateur radio operator.
Bartlett E. - boxing classes 1928
Bartlett Ernie & Ted - School Band c1917
Bartlett, Grace, Miss dressmaker, 144 Helensburgh Road, 1950 listing.
Bartlett Henry John - cable car employee.
Bentham, Robinson, grocer, Kaikorai Valley road 1888 listing.
Bevan, J.E.(Jim) ZL4HL - amateur radio operator.
Blacklow’s fruit shop, Nairn Street, Kaikorai along from an old picture theatre known as the 'Moulin Rouge'. View location today
Blacklow, Freddie was a local blacksmith. (No other information at present).
Blair Miss. - School Teacher
Boreham, Jas Alfd, fishmonger, City Road, in 1909 listing.
Boyd, William. - Fishmonger.
Brook Bros, (Andrew Hunter and Chas Hunter Brook), storekeepers, District Road (now Highgate), 1902 listing.
Brookes, (D Rebecca & Catherine), Misses, drapers, 11 Taieri Road, Roslyn. 1919 listing.
Brown L. - boxing classes 1927-1928
Brown, N. H, blacksmith. His workshop was on the corner of Kaikorai Valley and Taieri roads, later the Shell Service station. Actual years not known at present.
Brugh H. - boxing classes 1927
Bunting, Wm Thomas - (prop) Halfway Bush Inn & Store, cnr Main West Taieri Road & Helensburgh Road 1888, (now Taieri Road).
Burns, Nellie, Mrs Dressmaker, 15-17 Kaikorai Valley Road. 1910 listing.
Burns, Robt Struthers, hairdresser, City Road 1902.
Butterfield, Pearl Isobell, Mrs, fruit, dairy & confctr. No.49 Nairn Street (number since changed) 1936 & 1942. View shop between 1969 and 1974.
Buxton Edward, boot repairer, 90 Highgate 1936.
Callendar ? - photograph at Frasers Road baths.
Campbell J. - boxing classes 1928
Carter, Mary Jane, storekeeper, 150 Kaikorai Valley Road, 1910 listing.
Chettleburgh T.L. - boxing classes 1928
Chisholm Bros, Wholesale Upholsterers - 286-288 Kaikorai Valley Road. 1950 listing.
Clark, Arthur, storekeeper 32 Shetland Street, 1951.
Clarkson John, hairdresser & tobacconist, 33 City Road, early 1900s, then 3 Taieri Road, Roslyn, in 1919, 1936 & 1942.
Cohen, Samuel Geo. C, news agent & store. 19-21 Kaikorai Valley Road. 1925 listing.
Cook R.M., Mrs pastrycook, 11 Kaikorai Valley Road, 1936 listing.
Cook, R.W.(Bob) ZL4BU - amateur radio operator.
Cooper, Walter Richard, butcher, 74 Highgate (corner of Ross St), listed 1950 and 1951.
Couper and Scherp (Henry Couper & Arthur Geo Scherp), storekeepers, Kaikorai Valley Road, 1902 listing.
Creed, Honora Ure, Miss, fruiterer & confectioner (1936 listing) 124 Taieri Road.
Cumming Mary, Miss - supplier of early stereoscopic slide photographs.
Dawson, R.E. ZL4BW - amateur radio operator.
Devereaux Piere Burnard, store, 127 Shetland Street (cnr Mount St). 1942 & 1950 listings.
Dickson Miss. - School Teacher
Dickson, Dorothy, Miss. - 1952 FRasers Road photograph supplied.
Dolamore B. - boxing classes 1928
Donaldson ? - photograph at Frasers Road baths.
Dow, E.J.(Eric) ZL4NQ - amateur radio operator.
Dow James Patrick, watchmaker, Roslyn.
Downes, Jack - Roslyn Fish Shop. 42 City Road, 1951 listing.
Duncan, Alex, Wm, butcher, 28 Highgate (corner of Ross St), 1936 listing (renumbered 74 by 1942 with Duncan still there).
Elder, Wm. chemist (branch), 92 High Street, (now Highgate), Roslyn, 1909 listing.
Ellis (John H) & Co, plumbers, City Road, Roslyn, 1909 listing.
Ellis, R.(Roland) ZL4DQ - amateur radio operator.
Ellis (W) & Co (Wm Ellis) - listed under shop owners or operators.
Ellis W. Mrs, store, 31 Kaikorai Valley Road, 1942.
Ellison, Mrs Nellie, fruiterer & confectioner (1942, 1951 listings) 124 Taieri Road.
Excell, Francis, constable - 1919, 1936 listings, Roslyn Police Station.
Farley, Henry - who Farley Street, Kaikorai was named after. See more under Farley Street in the street name changes section.
Ford, Cyril - Fruiterer, 33 Taieri Road, Roslyn. 1950 listing.
Forsyth, Robert - listed in Conductors & Gripmen.
Foster & Son (Arthur James & Norman), 128 Taieri Road, 1930s onwards till Roly Padman took over.
Fraser, Fredrick. Frasers Bakery listed in 1936, 1942 & 1950.
Fraser, William, butcher, 138 Taieri Road, 1936 and 1942 listings.
Garrick Margaret, Miss. hairdresser, 31 Taieri Road, above garage. (1950)
Garstang, John Vivian and Julia Eleanor Garstang, 149 Taieri Road (cnr Wairoa St), 1919
George, Alan & Val, store keepers 49 Nairn St. View shop between 1969 and 1974.
Gilchrist, D.J. & Moir, F. - boxing class instructors 1927-1928
Gilchrist, Doreen, Miss (later Holding) - music teacher.
Gilchrist, Margaret (later Howard) - Girls Brigade at Kaikorai Presbyterian Church. Also various photographs, and school certificates, etc.
Glossop, James, butcher, 1950 listing 138 Taieri Road.
Goodley & Sons - Family Grocers, Roslyn. Listed from 1919 - 1950.
Goon Lee, laundry, 84 High Street (now Highgate) Roslyn, 1909 listing.
Gordon, Graeme and Irene - Chapman St Store, 1975 - 1989.
Govan,W.A.(Wilf) ZL4MX - amateur radio operator.
Gribben Leonard Wilfred, boot repr, No.2 Kaikorai Valley Road, in 1942.
Guy, Dr John - rooms were next to the chemist 133 Taieri Road. View location in 2007.
Hardy Eric, mgr, Vale Industries. - listed under shop owners or operators.
Vale Industries was later to become Valley Industries located in Kaikorai Valley Road, opposite Brockville Road.
Harris, Philip Henry, coal merchant, 26 Shetland Street, 1942 listing. Listed as labourer 1950.
Hart G. - boxing classes 1927-1928
Harvey - Secondhand Dealer.
Haworth, E, Mrs, fruit & confctr, 483 Highgate (Bishopscourt area).
Hayward John, fruit, & confctr. View shop between 1969 and 1974.
Hellar A. - boxing classes 1928
Hellar F. - boxing classes 1928
Hessian, Mrs Amy - Dairy, 23 Taieri Road, Roslyn. 1950 listing.
Hislop, George, storekeeper, 149 Taieri Road (cnr Wairoa St), Approx 1936-1950s, previously Garstangs.
Hislop, N.L. - Roslyn Motors.
Holloway John, Hairdresser, Tobacconist & billiard saloon prop. 1908 & 1912 listings.
Howard, Margaret (nee Gilchrist) - Girls Brigade at Kaikorai Presbyterian Church.
Hudson, S.T.(Sydney Tait) ZL4FO - Managing Director of Cadbury, Fry, Hudson Ltd & amateur radio operator.
Hunter's Store, corner Falcon Street and Kaikorai Vly Rd. Hunter's private residence is shown as being at 51 Falcon Street in 1950 listing. Possibly Brosnans were there after Hunter. See Two views of location.
Hutton, Miss Tui - Music Teacher, 1950 list.
Inglis, Claude Vernon, Chemist, North side of the Roslyn Post Office (in 1919 listing).
Jamieson & Shearing, grocers, No.4 Kaikorai Valley Road.
Jeffrey, Mrs Agnes, storekeeper, Church Street (now Nairn St), 1902 listing.
Johnston, E, Miss Dressmaker, 312 Highgate (near P.O.) 1942 listing.
Johnston Ivon, store, 144 Helensburgh Road. 1942.
Jury & Hyslop (Miss D Jury & Miss C Hyslop), dressmakers, 31 City Road, 1950.
Kedzlie J. - boxing classes 1927.
Kemp, Wm Kay, storekeeper, cnr Taieri Road and Nairn Street, 1919 listing.
Kennard, John Edwin, fruitr, 181 Highgate (Bishopscourt area).
Kennard, S, Mrs, dairy & cnfctnr, 181 Highgate (Bishopscourt area).
Kennedy, Janet Elsie, Mrs, Cake Shop, 76 Highgate (cnr Ross St) 1942 listing.
Kerr, E.W., U.F.S. Dispensary, 133 Taieri Road, 1950s View location in 2007.
King, Arthur Spencer, news agent & confectioner, 5 Kaikorai Valley Road 1919 till 1950 then King, Henry Geo, news agent & confectioner.
King Henry Geo, news agent - from 1950.
Kitto L. - boxing classes 1928
Kitto Len - cable car conductor
Kraft, Otto Oscar - Engraver, 27a Taieri Road, Roslyn. 1950 listing.
Langdon Mr.J. - boxing classes 1927
Laurenson, James Gifford (J.P.) was the proprietor of the Baker & Grocer shop at 109-111 Highgate from the early 1900s. See Laurenson's Bakery.
Ledgerwood & Co (Jas Ledgerwood), tailors, City Road, Roslyn, 1902 listing.
Legge Geo Richard, hairdresser, 5a Kaikorai Valley Road (1936).
Liddell, Mrs John, storekeeper, Main West Taieri Road (later Taieri Road), 1902 listing.
Lindsay, George Brown, plumber, etc, City Road, Roslyn, 1902 listing.
Lyle John T., hairdresser & tbcnst, City Road 1902.
McAra, Don - a brief review of Don's book "Hold Very Tight Please!" - launched July 2007.
McDairmid E, Mrs, storekeeper, Helensurgh Road, cnr Shetland St. 1936 listing.
McDonald Bros. (Donald), coal and produce merchants, City Road, Roslyn, 1902 listing.
MacDonald, Katie, Miss. Cake Shop. No.33a Nairn Street (now 15). 1942 & 1950 listings.
View location today.
McDowell, W.G. grocer, - No.4 Kaikorai Valley Road in 1936, 1942 & 1950. (Was previously Jamieson & Shearing).
McFadyen, Catherine, fruitr & confctr. in 1936. No.37a (now 19) Nairn Street, View location today.
McFadyen Neil Jas, blacksmith, - listed under shop owners or operators.
McFadyen & Youngman, blacksmiths - listed under shop owners or operators.
McGuire, P, bootmaker, 38a City Road. 1936 listing.
MacKenzie, Alex - listed in Conductors & Gripmen.
McLauchlan Mr.D. - School Headmaster
McLean, Chas. Hopkins, junior, storekeeper 32 Shetland Street 1936 & 1942.
McMillan, David Gervan - (M.P) Medical Practitioner.1950 123 Highgate.(renumbered as 329 before 1942) 1942 & 1950) Medical Practitioner & McMillan, Ethel Emma, Mrs (J.P.)
McMillan, Mrs Ethel Emma - (J.P).
McQueen Isabella, Mrs, draper, No.2 Kaikorai Valley Road, in 1919.
  Maher, Ernest - Roslyn Boot Repairs, 304 Highgate, 1950 listing.
Malcolm, Henry John, baker, Taieri Road RHS 1919, where Frasers Bakery was later located?
Mann, J. 113 Highgate in early 1900s, then 25 Taieri Road, Roslyn in 1936 listing.
Mant Miss. - School Teacher
Martin, K.M. Miss, dressmaker, 46 Taieri Road, Roslyn. 1936 & 1942 listings.
Massey, Roy - Roslyn Book Shop, 44 City Road in 1950 listing..
Masterton, D.(Dave) ZL4BZ - amateur radio operator.
Marsden, Henry - Fruiterer, 1 Taieri Road, Roslyn. 1950 listing.
Martin, Miss K.M. - Dressmaker.
Megget E. - boxing classes 1928
Menzies, Mrs Maggie, storekeeper, Church Street (now Nairn St), 1902 listing.
Meyer, Charles Fredrick, baker, City Road, 1888 listing.
Milburn, E. Miss, Cake Shop, 28 Highgate (cnr Ross St) later renumbered 76. 1936 listing.
Mill, John - Coal Merchant, 36 Taieri Road, Roslyn. 1936 & 1942 listings. then 44 City Road, 1951 listing.
Mitchell, E.M. Miss, Cake Shop, 76 Highgate (cnr Ross St) 1950 and 1951 listings.
Moir Fred & Gilchrist Jim, boxing class instructors 1927-1928
Moir Miss. - School Teacher
Moore, R. Coach Builder, Horse Shoer - listed under shop owners or operators.
Morgan David, Fruiterer, billiard room prop. 2 Kaikorai Valley Road, 1930 & 1936.
Morton, M. and Son (Matthew Morton), grocers, Kaikorai Valley Road, 1902 listing.
Mowat J. C. Mowat & Sons - Contractors. Glenross Street. 1919-1984.
Mowat Doug - photograph at Frasers Road baths.
Mowat Neville - photograph at Frasers Road baths.
Mowat Sid - photograph at Frasers Road baths.
Mowat, Walter Jas, hairdresser, 102a Taieri Road, 1936 list.
Nash, Joseph Wm, 98 Taieri Road. 1950s on corner of Walton Street, Walton Street now blocked off.
Ness Thos & Sons, fellmongers, Kaikorai Valley Road, near corner of Brockville Road. 1925, 1942 listings.
Nicol, Andrew, 14 Kaikorai Valley Road, c 1902.
Nisbet, A.J.(Andrew?) ZL4FF - amateur radio operator.
O'Connell, Misses Nora & Ellie - Dressmakers, 46 Taieri Road, Roslyn. 1950 listing.
O'Gorman, Patrick - Cake Kitchen, 13 Taieri Road, Roslyn. 1950 listing.
Padman, Roly, shoe store 128 Taieri Road, see under Foster & Son shoe repairs who sold him the business.
Palmer A.E.A. - School Teacher?
Pearce M F, Miss. toilet rooms - listed under shop owners or operators.
Peyroux, Dr. Jean Dominique 133 Taieri Road, post 1950s. View location in 2007.
Pickett Edith Mrs. Confectioner, 173-175 Kaikorai Valley Road. 1925 listing.
Pledger J.A. - boxing classes 1928
Pledger N.J. - boxing classes 1928
Pollock, Beverley. Used father's shop premises for Arts & Crafts when her father vacated about 1970 - see next entry.
Pollock, William - Roslyn Chemist Shop.
Pollock, William - Hairdresser, 3 Taieri Road, Roslyn. 1950 listing.
Poole Hugh, - chemist, City Road (actually Taieri Road later) after Forth St (now Walton St) just before Church St (now Nairn St). 1909 listing.
Pope, Lawrence, L.K., french polisher, Taieri Road between Kaikorai Tram Sheds and Kaikorai Valley Road. Listed in 1950.
Powell, Arthur, saddler, 86a High Street (now Highgate) 1909 listing.
Purdie, J.J. - (John Jackson) Roslyn Depot for coal delivery, furniture removals. 1919 & 1936 listings.
Purdon Bros. Roading Contractors & coal merchants, 60 Kaikorai Valley Road in 1908 listing, LHS Kaikorai Valley Road in 1912 listing (next to George Arthur Scherp, storekeeper).
Reid D. - boxing classes 1928
Reid Miss. - School Teacher
Reid (W S) & Co. Grocers: Wm Souness Reid, mgr. 1909 cnr City Rd & High St (Highgate). See corner shop in tram photograph (K274) c1908.
Reidy, Frederick, 14 Kaikorai Valley Road, 1902 listing.
Ritchie, G A, Mrs, cooked fish shop, No.10 Kaikorai Valley Road 1919, 1936.
Ritchie, Geo Albert, carpenter, No.10 Kaikorai Valley Road 1919, 1936.
Roberts, Albert Victor, fruitr & confctr. No.37a (now 19) Nairn Street, 1942 & 1950. View location today.
Roberts, Edwd Wm, btchr (branch), 481 Highgate (Bishopscourt area).
Robertson, Charles Stobbs, butcher, 1919, 1925, 17 Kaikorai Valley Road.
Robertson, C S & Sons Ltd, butchers & fruiterers, 1936, 1942, 1950, 17 Kaikorai Valley Road
Roger Stan - photograph at Frasers Road baths.
Rogers, A.J., book shop, 44 City Road, 1951 listing.
Ross D. jeweller, Roslyn.
Ryan H. - boxing classes 1927
Scherp, George Arthur, storekeeper, first on LHS Kaikorai Valley Road, 1912 listing.
Scott O. - boxing classes 1927
Scott R. - boxing classes 1928
Self, W.F.(Bill) ZL4CK - amateur radio operator.
Self-Help - Roslyn shop.
Shanks, Alex. J., Plumber, next to 23 Taieri Road, Roslyn. 1950 listing.
Sharp Jim - cable car gripman
Sharp Jim - cable car gripman - short profile.
Sharp, Jim - listed in Conductors & Gripmen.
Sharp Jim ZL4DN - Amateur Radio Operator
Sharp, Robert - listed in Conductors & Gripmen.
Sharples, John. - Fishmonger, 35 Kaikorai Valley Road (1942 listing).
Sherriff, Arthur M. - Butcher. plus Postcard of Sherriff's shop c1907 and 1969 Newspaper article.
Simpson Bill - photograph at Frasers Road baths.
Simpson, Robt, fruiterer, etc. City Road, Roslyn, 1902 listing.
Simpson W. - boxing classes 1928
Smith (J C) & Sons, plumbers, 90 High Street (now Highgate) Roslyn, 1909 listing.
Smith M. Mrs, pastrycook, 13 Taieri Road, 1936 listing.
Sontag, Charles, nurseryman, Brockville Road, 1888 listing.
Sonntag Kerr - photograph at Frasers Road baths.
Sparrow, J.A.(Arthur), ZL4BS - amateur radio operator.
Standage I.W. Ltd, Radio Technicians, 31 Taieri Road (see 1942 street directory).
Still, David, The Coal Yard & other stories.
Stott Miss. - School Teacher
Stewardson & Pike (Sidney H Stewardson C D Pike), builders, 62 School Street, 1950.
Stewart, Alex C. cabinetmaker, City Road, Roslyn, 1902 listing.
Stewart and Jones, (Francis Henry Jones) (J. P.), cabinetmakers & builders, 40 City Road, Roslyn 1942 listing.
Stewart, Donald, produce merchant, premises later became a dairy. Roslyn.
Stuart Miss Jane - School Mistress
Sunderland (Thos) & Son (Arthur Sunderland). plumbers & gas fitters. 1910 listing.
Sutherland, David, produce merchant, City Road, Roslyn, 1902 listing.
Sutherland and Melver (David Sutherland), storekeepers, City Road, Roslyn, 1902 listing.
Sutherland, Frederick Dalgety Billiard Room proprietor, 12 Kaikorai Valley Road. 1919 listing.
Sunderland, Thomas, Tinsmith - Kaikorai Valley Road, 1888 and 1912 lists.
Sunderland (Thos) & Son (Arthur Sunderland). plumbers & gas fitters. 1910, 1911, 1912, listing.
Talbot, Samuel Geo, fruitr & confctr, 483 Highgate (Bishopscourt area).
Taylor, Wm, baker, - 14 Kaikorai Valley Road, from about 1900.
Thomas Philip Wm, Fruiterer, 63 City Road, Roslyn. 1951 listing.
Thomson Duncan, butcher, 98 Taieri Road, 1919, 1936, (before Nash took over).
Thomson Hugh Lamont, butcher - listed under shop owners or operators.
Thomson J. - boxing classes 1928
Thompson, Miss M. proprietress, Alana Dressmaking - 312 Highgate. 1950 listing.
Turnbull Miss. - School Teacher
Wadsworth S. - boxing classes 1928
Waite's Fellmongery, 11a Edward St (now Greenock St), 1909 listing - (p r) at No.11 Edward St.
Washer, A. and Co (Alfred Washer), land and estate agents and auctioneers, District Road (now Highgate) 1902 listing.
Watkins H. - boxing classes 1927
Watson, Harold Chalmers - Roslyn draper shop. 1951 listing.
Watt, Jas. - Surgeon, 123 Highgate.
Webster, Andrew Wilson - Bootmaker, Taieri Road, Roslyn. 1919 listing. Also listed at 36 Taieri Road, Roslyn in 1936.
Webster, Jas Taylor, boot maker. No.14 Kaikorai Valley Road, in 1919 & 1936 listings.
Webster, Robert, bootmaker, City Road, Roslyn, 1902 listing.
Webster, Mrs Olive, - see under Dairy, 124 Taieri Road, Kaikorai. Year/s?
Wedderspoon, Miss E., draper, City Road, Roslyn, 1902 listing.
Welham & Davies - Cecil Ward Welham (Welham & Davie) lived at 69 Walton St, 1950. George Hay Davie (Welham & Davie) lived at 137 Shetland St, 1950.
West, Joseph, constable in charge - 1909 listing, Roslyn Police Station.
White, Catherine, Mrs, fruiterer, Taieri Road, Roslyn. 1919 listing.
White, Oscar Edwin, plumber, 312 Highgate, Roslyn. 1936, 1942 & 1950 listings.
White, Thos, fruiterer, City Road, Roslyn, 1902 listing.
Wilkinson, W.G. ZL4AR - amateur radio operator.
Williamson, George Eric, constable - 1942, 1950 listings, Roslyn Police Station.
Wills Harold Elder, grocer, - No.33 (now 15) Nairn Street. in 1950. View location today
Wilson, Alex building contractor, workshop, 30 Kaikorai Valley Road, 1908 & 1919 listings.
Wilson E. - boxing classes 1928
Wilson Miss. - School Teacher
Wilson William Alex. - Boot Maker, and also under The Coal Yard & other stories.
Winifred Stark Libraries (The) 33a Nairn Street in 1942, 1950 listings. 2007 View.
Wong, George Qu - Fruiterer, 300 Highgate in 1950.
Wong, 'Tim' - Fruiterer, Kaikorai Valley Road, 1954.
Wood Alex, baker & confectioner, corner Tyne Street and City Road (now the top of Stuart Street) went as far as Church (Nairn) Street in 1909.
Wraight,(Lewis) & Co., coal merchants, etc, Kaikorai Valley Road, 1902 listing.

NOTE: Persons are also listed by street address under the Who Lived Where section. This is not a comprehensive feature but does give some of the streets in Kaikorai and who lived at those addresses.

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