Kaikorai Brass Band

Later known as Roslyn Mills Kaikorai Brass Band
Kaikorai Metropolitan Brass band.

Kaikorai Brass Band 1907
From the Otago Daily Times of 29 September 2007
Kaikorai Brass Band, winners of the North and South Island championship shields
at the International Exhibition in Christchurch.
Back row: F. McLean, F. W. Robinson, H. Hofland, J. Fea, E. Kerr, J. Paterson, T. Bauchop. Third row: E. Chapman, T. McLean, A. Homer, R. Coughlan, J. Smith, J. Currie. Second row: A. F. Robertshaw, J. McKenzie, J.E. McLean, A. Thomson. H. Davie (drum-major), D. Whelan (corporal), J. Black, D. Boyd, R. Little, J. Hunter (vice-president). Front row: C. Webster, W. P. Coughlan (corporal), M. Roche, G.B. Laidlaw (conductor), J. A. O'Brien (sergeant), C. Taylor, A. Salter, R. P. Chisholm. In front: J. Davie, J. G. Osborne (secretary).
—Otago Witness, 25.9.1907.

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