Kaikorai Cable Car Line

Kaikorai Cable Cars - when they started and finished with other general information.
New Cable arrives - in 1907 a new roll of cable is delivered.
Cable Cars (2) - a page with some photographs of the Kaikorai cable cars at various parts of the tracks.
Cable Cars - inspection plates along the tracks.
Cable Cars - Conductors 'n Gripmen.
Ripping up the rails - after the demise of the Kaikorai cable cars.
The Start & End of the Kaikorai cable cars.
  Possible return of a
Dunedin Cable Car route?

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Cable Car Invention in 1896
No rails visible, only central slot.
(Newspaper items from years gone by).

Roslyn Cable Car Line

Roslyn Cable Car Route - Original 1900 route and 1906 change of route.
Roslyn Cable Car Route - construction of 1906 route change with a 2007 view for comparison.
Roslyn Cable Cars - Rattray Street to Frasers Road. (2005 ODT article by Bill Campbell).
Roslyn Cable Cars - Early cable car and employees at Frasers Road.
Roslyn Cable Cars - Sketch plan of cable car No.93.
Roslyn Cable Cars - and Maori Hill bus meeting at Ross St junction.
Roslyn Route as it looked in 2002 - aerial view.
Roslyn Route as it looked in 2007 - from Frasers Road end with 1906 comparison photograph.
Roslyn Route to close - article from The Evening Star 6th October 1951.

Also check Don McAra's Book on our early cable cars
a brief review of "Hold Very Tight Please!" - launched July 2007.
See also cable cars mention on Page 23 of Kaikorai School 1869-1919 Jubilee Booklet.

Comparisons - between designs of Kaikorai & Roslyn cable cars.
See also Maori Hill Electric Trams - which connected with Roslyn Cable Cars 1900-1936,
and a page on early tokens for city tramways.

Further information in detail about Dunedin Cable Cars can be found at this interesting site.