A Printable Kaikorai Crossword

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Clue: Remember that most of the answers relate to things past.


2 Early method of listing to the radio
6 Shoe shop on the rise
9 Cable car driver
10 We found this in Santa's cave
11 Ran to Maori Hill
16 Wriggling around your waist
17 Kids made these themselves
18 An Irish street name
19 You wound these up to talk
20 Beating their own drums
23 He is around horses
26 Early transport mode
29 Tends to horses
30 Saturday morning movie club
32 Another bakery, but in the valley road
33 Greeting we don't get this way any more
34 A street that leads to education

1 Carved from the top of the hill
3 Shopping centre on the hill
4 Indicator flicked out at side of your car
5 The public baths were there
7 Almost extinct these days
8 Played by young children
12 They conversed in Morse code
13 An old coinage value
14 Coinage for early public transport
15 This chap has a lot of bottle
21 Youngsters pulled these clicking toys
22 We used to have this at school
24 This street has a lady's name
25 Fit young people's transport
27 We found these in frasers creek
28 Superceded by the pen
29 A bakery in Taieri Road
31 Name of a Lodge