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YESTERDAY AND TODAY in Otago 1840-1940

"A souvenir to commemorate Schools Day held at the
Wingatui Racecourse on Tuesday February 22nd 1940"

Important events and interest in Otago History

25th February, 1770 Cook off Cape Saunders.
1813 The "Matilda" (Capt. Fowler) anchors in Otago Harbour.
November, 1831 The Weller Bros. arrived at Otakou in the "Lucy Ann."
1840 Treaty of Waitangi signed at Heads by Chiefs Karetai and Koroko.
1840 First farming settlement at Waikouaiti.
1844 Otago Block purchased.
22nd March, 1848 The "John Wickliffe" arrived.
1st September, 1848 First School opened.
13th December, 1848 First issue of "Otago News."
16th March, 1850 Dunedin and Port Chalmers declared to be Towns.
19th November, 1853 First Meeting of Provincial Council.
6th April, 1861 Fire Brigade formed.
8th June, 1861 Gold discovered at Gabriel's Gully.
23rd August, 1861 First Meeting of Chamber of Commerce.
16th November, 1861 First issue of " Otago Daily Times."
16th June, 1862 First steamer built in Otago Harbour launched, "Betsy Douglas."
July, 1862 Dunedin Gas Light and Coke Co. formed.
24th September, 1862 Peak of Gold Rush. 2,203 people landed at Port Chalmers from Australia.
1863 Dunedin Savings Bank opened.
1st May, 1863 First issue of the "Evening Star."
4th August, 1863 Boys' High School opened.
1865 Dunedin International Exhibition.
23rd May, 1865 Telegraphic communication opened between Dunedin, Invercargill and Christchurch.
7th August, 1865 First Meeting of City Council.
9th December, 1867 Dunedin Waterworks formally opened.
18th July, 1868 First sod of Port Chalmers Dock turned.
1868 The Museum opened.
10th November, 1869 Foundation stone of Dunedin Athenaeum laid.
1870 School of Art opened in Dunedin.
8th February, 1871 Girls' High School founded.
6th July, 1871 Otago University founded.
16th March, 1872 Graving Dock at Port Chalmers opened.
1st January, 1873 Official opening of Dunedin-Port Chalmers Railway.
21st February, 1873 Early Settlers' Association founded.
10th September, 1873 First concrete block set of Oamaru breakwater.
7th July, 1874 First Meeting of Otago Harbour Board.
26th May, 1875 Railway Workshops built.
26th October, 1876 Dunedin-Ocean Beach Railway opened.
1878 First paper made in New Zealand at Woodhaugh.
6th July, 1879 Steam and Horse Tramways opened.
15th February, 1882 First shipment of New Zealand frozen mutton dispatched from Dunedin in sailing ship "Dunedin."
15th May, 1883 Opening of Mornington Cable Tramways.
1888 St. John Ambulance Association. First Association in New Zealand.
26th November, 1889 N.Z. and South Seas Exhibition opened in Dunedin.
26th August, 1890 Maritime Strike commenced.
1892 St. John Ambulance Brigade. First Brigade organized outside British Isles.
24th March, 1900 First contingent left Dunedin for South African War.
25th June, 1901 Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York (King George V and Queen Mary) visited Dunedin.
24th December, 1901 Capt. Scott's ship "Discovery" sailed from Port Chalmers.
16th December, 1903 Official opening of Electrical Tramways.
5th December, 1905 First sod of Otago Dock turned by the Hon. R. J. Seddon.
22nd October, 1906 New Railway Station opened.
23rd May, 1907 Plunket Society formed.
2nd December, 1908 Official opening of Free Public Library.
29th November, 1910 "Terra Nova" (British Antarctic Expedition) left Port Chalmers.
22nd September, 1914 First contingent Otago Regiment left Dunedin.
17th May, 1920 Edward, Prince of Wales, visited Dunedin.
July, 1924 Jubilee Celebrations of Otago Harbour Board.
17th November, 1925 N.Z. and South Seas Exhibition opened in Dunedin.
March, 1927 Duke of York opened Hall of Memories at Waitaki Boys' High School: unveiled Dunedin War Memorial and opened Art Gallery at Logan Park.
19th March, 1929 Disastrous flood in Water of Leith.
29th October, 1931 Centennial Celebrations Otakou Whaling Station.
5th December, 1933 Lincoln Elsworth and Sir Hubert Wilkins sailed for Antarctic in "Wyatt Earp."
13th January, 1934 Byrd Expedition ship "Bear of Oakland" arrived from America.
14th February, 1934 Royal Research vessel "Discovery II" arrived at Dunedin.
January, 1935 Duke of Gloucester visited Dunedin.
15th January, 1936 Dunedin became Airway Terminal.
15th July, 1936 King's High School officially opened.
14th April, 1937 New Chief Post Office opened by Postmaster-General Hon. F. Jones.
8th November, 1937 Official opening of Queen Mary Maternity Home.
9th December, 1939 Lord Galway, Governor-General, opened new Truby King-Harris Hospital, Dunedin.