Goodley & Sons - Family Grocers

Listed in the 1919 Stones Directory at 5 Taieri Road, Roslyn as Alex Goodley, store.

Listed in the 1936 Stones Directory at 7 Taieri Road, Roslyn as Goodley (A) & Sons, grocers (street number change probably was due to street renumbering), also listed in 1942 and 1950 directories. Bill Everest of Kaikorai, who was a long time staff member of Goodley's store, took over management from 1968 till 1974 when the shop closed due to the perceived threat of supermarkets opening in the area.

Photograph K305
Years for photographs not currently known but possibly in the 1930s.

Photograph K306
Alex Goodley (right) and his staff outside the Roslyn shop sometime in the 1930s. That's Charlie Billing next to his boss and Crawford Goodley next to him. Does anyone recognise the other two gents?
The text above from an ODT article of Saturday
February 27 2010 showing the same photograph.

Two views of Goodleys' store front taken at different times.
Photograph K307