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Print Problems?   Use the "Print" button Print page button at top right to print any pages you might want hard copy of.   If you find that a printed page does not contain all the information on the screen, (cropped on righthand side maybe), try altering the "Page Setup" parameters by using your browser's 'drop-down' "File" menu to select "Page Setup", and under "Margins" alter the left and right margins to suit.

Possibly try left margin at 10mm and right at 5mm.

Note that the "Print" button Print page button on the navigation bar may NOT function on some browsers.

Screen Format:  The format of these pages is designed for Internet Explorer at 800 x 600 (or higher) screen resolution and it is recommended that you view in this mode.   The main font used is "Verdana".

Screen Layout Problems:   If you are having trouble with the way the information is displayed on your screen the cause could be that you are using a screen resolution of less than 800 x 600 pixels. Most computers these days will cope with 800 x 600 and greater but if you are using an older computer your maximum display resolution may be 640 x 480 - it would have to be REALLY old to be at this setting. In this case you will have to scroll back and forth across the pages to view certains screens.

If you are suffering from word-wrap, the problem is probably due to your browser font setting being larger than "Medium" which is the default setting.   To correct this on Internet Explorer go to the drop-down menu "View" then "Text Size" and select "Medium".   Your problem should disappear.