Roslyn Institute

Roslyn Institute
The Roslyn Institute in Highgate provided a venue for Presbyterian, Anglican and Methodist worship services in the 1870s.

Roslyn Institute was located on Highgate, previously named High Street, just on the North side of Ross Street and on the city side of the road.

Roslyn Institute, was a true community centre in it's day. It was a venue for worship of several denominations. From the 1870s First Church conducted a sunday school there.

From the Stones Street Directories - the following information.
1888 - High Street - (Roslyn) - Roslyn Institute, R. Williamson, librarian
1902 - High Street - (Roslyn) - Roslyn Institute, W.O.Millar, librarian
1909 - 34 High St  - (Roslyn) - Roslyn Institute, R Armstrong, librarian
1919 - 34 Highgate  (Roslyn) - Roslyn Institute.
1936 - 34 Highgate  (Roslyn) - Roslyn Institute.
1942 - 118 Highgate (Roslyn) - Roslyn Institute. (After renumbering).
1951 - 118 Highgate (Roslyn) - Roslyn Institute. (After renumbering).

In later years the Institute became the home of the Dunedin Corps of the Legion of Frontiersmen, before being demolished in the 1960s.