Kaikorai Shops Location Map - pre 1950

See also 1947 aerial view with coloured spots showing shop locations.
Rough map (not to scale) of area for around the 1942-1950 period. Drawn by Alan Gilchrist.
See also Roslyn Shops Map

The following from various Stones' Street Directories including 1919, 1936, 1942 and 1950.

No.52 Chapman Street Store. Graeme and Irene Gordon were the proprietors of this store from 1975 until 1989 when they closed the business.
Previous owners were William Kay Kemp, listed in 1942 and 1951 directories and Mrs Margaret Ewing in 1936 directory.
KAIKORAI VALLEY ROAD:   Note: No street numbers shown in directories until about 1908.
LHS Argyle Hotel - (opposite Taylor's Bakery), Robertson Bentham, Storekeeper.
RHS. Taylor Colin, Baker & Grocer. Reidy Frederick, Bootmaker. and article.
RHS Sutherland Thomas, Tinsmith. Nicol Andrew, Bootmaker. Taylor Colin, Baker & Grocer.
LHS Couper & Scherp, Storekeepers (Henry Couper & Andrew George Sherp). Morton M & Sons, Grocers. Wilson Wm Alex, Bootmaker.
LHS Wilson Wm Alex, Bootmaker.
Swanston Wm Ross, Grocer.
LHS: Purdon Bros, Coal Merchants & Roading Contractors. Scherp Arthur Geo, Storekeeper.
 William Ellis, Storekeeper & Coal Merchant. Swanston Wm Ross, Grocer.
KAIKORAI VALLEY ROAD:   Right from Taieri Rd.
1912, 1919 McQueen Isabella, Mrs, draper. 1925 Morgan David, Fruiterer, billiard room prop. 1930, 1936 Webster Jas Taylor, boot repr.
1942 Gribben Leonard Wilfred, boot repr. Pearce M F, Miss. toilet rooms.
1919 Jamieson & Shearing (Robt Jamieson & Robt Geo Shearing), grocers.
1930 Angelo & McDowell, Grocers. 1936, 1942 & 1950 McDowell W G, grocer.
1954 Wong 'Tim', fruiterer.
No.10 1919, 1936 Ritchie Geo Albert, crptr and Ritchie G A, Mrs, cooked fish shop
No.12 1908, 1912 Holloway John, Hairdresser & Tobacconist. 1912 Holloway John, Hairdresser, Tobacconist & billiard saloon prop. 1919 Sutherland Fredk Dalgety, billiard room proprietor
No.14 1908, 1914, 1919, 1925 Webster Jas Taylor, bootmaker. Prior to this it was  Andrew Nicol, Bootmaker who is mentioned on the Kaikorai Bakery page, as was Frederick Reidy proprietor of the Boot Maker shop prior to 1902 when he is listed there.
No.16-18 1902 Colin Taylor was the proprietor of Kaikorai Bakery.
Listed in 1908, 1912, 1919, 1925, 1930, 1936 was  William Taylor's Kaikorai Bakery.
No.24 Taylor Wm, baker (private residence)
No.60 1908 Purdon Bros, Coal Merchants & Roading Contractors.
No.60 1910 Carter Mary Jane, Storekeeper.
KAIKORAI VALLEY ROAD:   Left from Taieri Rd.
No.? 1910 Sutherland (Thos) & Son, Plumbers & Gasfitters.
No.5 1919 no number 5 listed. 1936, 1942, King Arthur Spencer, news agent & confectioner. 1950 King Henry Geo, news agent & confectioner.
No.15-17 1910 Burns Nellie Mrs, Dressmaker.
No.17 1919, 1925 Robertson Charles Stobbs, butcher. 1936, 1942, 1950 Robertson C S & Sons Ltd, butchers & fruiterers.
No.19-21 1910 Scherp Arthur Geo, Storekeeper. 1925 Cohen Samuel Geo, Newsagent & Store
No.25  Wm Alex Wilson - Boot Maker. Had a small shop at the front of this house - shown as being at this location in both 1902 and 1906 but not in 1908.
No.31  William Ellis, Storekeeper & Coal Merchant - 1908, 1910, 1912, 1919, 1925, 1930, 1936, 1942, 1950. View of premises and other information.
No.157-159 Swanston Wm Ross, Grocer.
No.173-175 Rickett Edith Mrs, Confectioner.
No.27 (now 3a).
Currently  Kaikorai Fish & Chips. 1950 listing shows McIvor, Malcolm Alex, watersider, but he later opened the small shop at the front of the property.
No.33 (now 15).
1919, 1936, 1942 Anderson Wm, grocer. 1950, Wills Harold Elder, grocer.
Currently  Mona Lisa Art Studio 2007.
No.33a Second shop (now 15).
1919 & 1936, Angelo Henry, Bookseller. 1942 & 1950, MacDonald Katie, Miss. Cake shop, and Winifred Stark Libraries (The) (branch). 2007
No.35 (now 19)
Although not shown with a street number in 1919, this space is listed as Wakari Drill Hall. 1936 shows Wakari Drill Hall and Moulin Rouge Dance Hall. 2007 currently "Kaikorai Dental Clinic" .
No.37a (now 19)
No listing in 1919. 1936 McFadyen Catherine, fruiterer & confectioner. 1942 & 1950 Roberts Albert Victor, fruiterer & confectioner.   2007 currently "Kaikorai Dental Clinic"
No.49 (number since changed)
1919 Ayers Alfd, traveller. 1936 & 1942 Butterfield Pearl Isobell, Mrs, fruit, dairy & confectioner. 1950 Hayward John, fruit, & confectioner.
Later owned by a Mr Baker till around 1969.
C1969 bought by the Georges who sold it again in 1974. View shop photographs between 1969 and 1974.
Currently the Roslyn Fire Station occupies that area. 2007
No.62 - 1950 was Stewardson & Pike (Sidney H Stewardson C D Pike), builders.
Not listed in 1942. 1932 appears to have different street numbers, only going as high as 31 on RHS then Nairn Street. Currently this location would be the entrance to the new walkway between School Street and Shetland Street called Kaikorai Common (see aerial view) and of entrance in 2007
No.26 - Harris, Philip Henry, coal merchant, 1942 listing.
No.32 - Insert at top right of map.
1919 shows Nicol, Thos (Family remember as store but not listed as that).
1936 & 1942 show McLean, Chas. Hopkins junior, storekeeper.
1951 shows Clark, Arthur - Store.
I think the Tipas had it after Clarks.   2007 Private Residence.
No.127 (Corner Shetland and Mount St)
Devereaux, Piere Burnard, store. 1942 & 1950 listings. See in photographic list at bottom.
TAIERI ROAD: - Right from Highgate.
No.36 & 37 - Circled on the map above at the corner of Taieri Road and Oates Street.
These are the numbers shown on the 1919 map of the area, but no not appear to be street numbers. Listings over the years omit numbers for these two locations.
A photograph of this area about 1900 shows R.Moore, Coach Builder, Horse Shoer & General Smith.
1919 directory: Moore Ross, blksmth & coach builder (just shown as between Oates St and Kaikorai Valley Rd.)
1936 directory: McFadyen Neil Jas, blacksmith, and Armour John m, bldr (workshop)
1942 directory: McFadyen & Youngman (N J McFadyen & F J Youngman), blacksmiths & service station, and Armour John m, bldr (workshop)
1950 directory: McFadyen & Youngman (N J McFadyen & F J Youngman), service station & garage, and Vale Industries, Eric Hardy, mgr.
Was later the Shell Service Station till around 2006 when it was demolished to make way for fast food outlets.
1919 shows Thomson Duncan, butcher at this intersection although there is no street number given. Likewise, 1936 shows Thomson Hugh Lamont, butcher. 1942 shows as number 98 street address and Thomson Hugh Lamont (J.P.), butcher also a private residence. In 1950 we have Nash Joseph Wm, butcher.
This was Frasers Bakery listed in 1936 as Fraser Fredk, bakery with identical listing in 1942. 1950 lists Fraser Fredk, (J.P.) bakery. Then & Now, with article.
1936 listing shows Mowat Wltr Jas, hairdresser. Nothing listed in 1919, 1942 or 1950 for this address.
1936, Creed Honora Ure, Miss, fruiterer & confectioner. 1942, 1951 Ellison Mrs Nellie, fruiterer & confectioner.
1936 listed as Foster & Son (Arthur James & Norman), service shoe store. 1942 does not list any No.128 but in 1950 it is shown as Foster Clifford Thos, shoe store. See more under Fosters Shop.
Shown in 1936 and 1942 as William Fraser, butcher, at this address and in 1950 it shows the change to James Glossop also butcher. Nothing appears for that address in 1919.
TAIERI ROAD: - Left from Highgate.
No.133   (on lefthand side)
U.F.S. Dispensary; E.W.Kerr, manager - was listed in 1950 directory.
Dr John Guy was the local doctor, his rooms were next to the chemist for about 25 years. Dr Guy was in the RNZAF, 75th Squadron. He later went on to be a radio announcer on either 4ZB or 4XO under a non de plume which I have forgotten. He lived in lower Helensurgh Road.
The building was subsequently made into flats location in 2006.
No.147 Roslyn Methodist Church from 1862 was demolished in 1971 and the congregation joined with the Kaikorai Presbyterian Church.
No.149 In 1919 it was listed as a store with proprietors John Vivian Garstang and Julia Eleanor Garstang.
1936, 1942 and 1950 directories show George Hislop, storekeeper.
It is thought Millows' had the store after Hislips. There is a private residence there now.
See also who lived where.