The Maori Hill Electric Trams - Part Six

Maori Hill electric tram at Roslyn shopping area. Maori Hill electric tram on High Street - Roslyn
Photograph K275
Maori Hill electric tram passing the Roslyn Post Office. Probably about 1908 after new Post Office was opened.
Above: From the left appears to be the hall used by the Salvation Army Corps, with Roslyn Land Agency facing the camera. On the right opposite the tram is William Elder (chemist), then the Post Office (opened in 1908), then Daniel Ross (watchmaker), next is probably Mrs Mary Anderson (fancy goods dealer) and finally Lee Goon (laundry).
See also: Same view with horse and cart passing Post Office.

Maori Hill electric tram on City Road corner
Photograph K274
Maori Hill electric tram rounds the corner into the Roslyn shopping area from City Road. Probably about 1908.
Above: This picture appears to be a match to the first one but facing the opposite direction. The shops appear to be as follows: To the left of the horse and cart is R.Simpson (Fruiterer), then Alex. C. Stewart (Carpenter & Cabinet maker), then Lee Goon (laundry). The small shop on the corner of City Road (right of tram) says 'Confectioner' - the 1909 directory lists this as Reid (WS) & Co. grocers; Wm Souness Reid, Mgr. On the righthand side is Roslyn Butchery (Arthur Grant Sherriff) with John Clarkson (Hairdresser) to the right in same building. Then Brook Bros. (Family Grocers) in the next building.

Image K341

Down Ticket from Maori Hill tram.
Ticket images kindly supplied courtesy of
The Maori Hill History Charitable Trust
and Jane Smallfield who co-authored the book
Above the Belt: A History of the Suburb of Maori Hill

Click the book for a brief description.

Image K342

Up Ticket from Maori Hill tram.
Image K343

Up Ticket from Maori Hill tram.
Reverse View.

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