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1902 Kaikorai map
1902 Kaikorai area street map

Localised coverage of the Ross Street to Maori Hill area and Town Belt to just below Wakari.
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1902 Kaikorai area street map (enlarged)
This map covers Ross Street to Shetland Street in a larger view than the map above. More than half the Kaikorai street names were changed in the early 1900s.   Click on this 1902 street map to switch forward & back between 1902 and 2007 street names.
1913 Kaikorai map
1913 Kaikorai area street map

By this time almost all the street name changes had been made.
1919 Kaikorai map
1919 Kaikorai area street map

1935 Kaikorai map 1935 Kaikorai area street map
1956 Kaikorai map
1956 Kaikorai area street map

Current Google Map of Kaikorai
Frasers Road Baths location photo 1947
Baths at Frasers Road

maps showing location of baths pre 1950.
Old diesel bus route to Kaikorai while Stuart St extension being created
Diesel Bus Route

During construction of
Stuart Street Extension post 1950.
Kaikorai ham map
Kaikorai Ham Radio Operators

Dunedin Tram Routes
Diagram showing routes from 1879 - 1905.
Diagram showing routes from 1900 - 1956.
Kaikorai shops map
Kaikorai Shop Locations until 1950

A sketch plan of the area showing shop locations and what years different proprietors were there.
Kaikorai Shop Aerial View
Kaikorai Shop Map - 1947 aerial view

overlaid with spots showing where shops were located, sadly virtually all are now gone.
electric tram route
Maori Hill Electric Trams

View map of tram route.
Falcon Street cable car route map
Roslyn Cable Car Route

Original 1900 route and 1906 change of route.
Roslyn Map 2002
Roslyn Shopping Area Changes

Compare views before & after the cable cars with changes of street names & numbers.
Roslyn Township Shop Locations - 1909
A sketch map shows shop Locations and list of businesses with cable car and electric tram routes shown.
Some Roslyn shops pre 1950
Roslyn Township Shop locations - c1950

A sketch map shows shop locations and list of businesses.