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Some brief information
from 'Authority to Protect' by Miles Singe & David Thomson
Printed by Tablet Printing Company, Dunedin in 1992

Roslyn Station was opened in 1883 replacing the Linden Station which had opened in 1863.

Roslyn Station served the western city suburbs until 1968 when it was closed.

Terrence O'Brien was Officer in Charge of the Linden Station in 1877, he later became a well known detective. He attained the rank of inspector and was the Dunedin District Commander between 1902 to 1911.

Officers in Charge of the Roslyn Station have been recorded since 1898 as:

1898 Constable M. Hastings
1906 Constable J. West
1919 Constable J. West & Constable G.Munro
1922 Constable C. E. Wootton
1925 Constable F. Excell - more on Constable Excell
1936 Constable F. Excell
1936 Constable G. E. Williamson
1942-1951 Constable George Eric Williamson
1955 Constable T. R. Williams
1964 Constable C. G. Berry

Note: Stones Street Map of 1902 lists a Police Station in Tay Street, Roslyn. Tay Street was later named Tyne Street.
The Roslyn Post Office was opened in 1908 and the Police Station appears to have been situated next to it from or about that time.

Note: Additions in RED are from Stones Street Directories.