Roslyn Street names and numbers to 1950

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Roslyn Map 1950
Sketch map copyright Alan Gilchrist 2007
Blue lines indicate where street numbering starts for Taieri Road at this time.
Red lines indicate City Road and where the street numbers change to Highgate ones.
Yellow lines indicate Highgate numbering.
1951 Note: - Stones Directory shows the LHS of City Road continuing across Highgate to just past the Roslyn Motors Garage site.
Note also that the Doctor's house on the corner of School Street and Highgate was demolished to make way for the On and Off ramps from the city bound side of the new Stuart Street extension.
Some time prior to 1919 City Road was in fact part of Taieri Road, starting at Sligo Terrace - Scarba Street junction. Also, prior to 1919 Highgate was known as High Street.   See also 1952 photograph of road works below Highgate, and ripping up the rails - after the demise of the Kaikorai line cable cars.

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