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Early newspaper photo (K160) of Ross Moore's business premises on corner of Taieri Road and
Kaikorai Valley Road, according to the paper it was "taken around the turn of the century" (1900).
The sign says " R. Moore, Coach Builder, Horse Shoer & General Smith.
This site is where the Kaikorai Shell Service Station was until recently.
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Early view of Kaikorai taken between 1880, when Kaikorai Presbyterian Church was enlarged
into a 'T' shape building, and 1907 when the present brick church was completed. Also, it is after 1900 when the cable cars commenced as the powerhouse chimney is visible.
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Early view of Kaikorai probably taken from somewhere around the upper part of the old Roslyn
cable car track above Kaikorai Valley Road, and overlooking Falcon Street.
Photograph (K118) supplied by Mary Cumming of Dunedin and taken by her uncle Peter McIntyre post 1907.
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2006 view of Kaikorai from Northview Crescent, off Highgate.
Unfortunately trees now prevent a better view being obtained, and a view from anywhere
closer is obstructed by the houses built along the sides of the old cable car route.
Photograph (K118a) by Alan Gilchrist.
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Kaikorai c1955
View of Kaikorai area centred around the reserve and taken from somewhere near Falcon Street c1955?
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Photograph (K287)

Original photograph from Evening Star and republished in the Otago Daily Times of 30 August 2008 with the text below.

Where cable cars once ran through Roslyn township, excavations for the Albert St extensions are being made in 1951. A 73ft 6in span bridge will carry traffic along Highgate over the new highway. To the right of the picture a wall of clay will be removed to allow the highway to pass under the bridge and drop towards the city.
Photo: Evening Star. See larger view with 2008 view of same area.
Note: Re the reference to Albert Street extensions - the section of Stuart Street between York Place and Sligo Terrace was previously named Albert Street. It was renamed on January 1, 1951 when the Stuart Street extension was created. (Source DCC Archives).