Wakari Drill Hall

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Article from Papers Past: Otago Witness, Issue 2889, 28 July 1909, Page 30

The annual concert, basket social, and presentation of prizes in connection with the Wakari Rifle Volunteers was held in the Drill Hall, Kaikorai, on the 23rd. The gathering was presided over by Major Washer, of the battalion staff, who made reference to the fact that the Wakari Company was under strength. He considered it was a serious reflection on the people of a district like Roslyn that they could not raise a full Volunteer company. He was strong believer in universal military training, and expressed the belief that that system would eventually have to be brought in.

The Mayor of Roslyn (Mr J. H. F. Hamel) referred to the fact that the Wakari Rifles were a very old-established company, having been formed as far back as 1862. He greatly regretted to hear that they were experiencing difficulty getting recruits, and said that a district like Roslyn, with 6000 inhabitants, should be able to provide two companies easily. He had gone through the ranks himself, and always regretted that he bad not further followed up Volunteering. In his younger days he had been very much opposed to anything in the shape of universal training, but in view of the present situation of the Empire he had been forced to the conclusion that that was the only proper system of defence. He took the opportunity of congratulating Major Washer on his appointment to the battalion staff. He understood that was the first appointment made from the Wakari Rifles, and it was an honour to the company and to the district.

Handsome prizes and trophies were then presented by Major Washer to the following successful competitors: — Sergeant Cooper (first in Championship), Corporal Marshall (second in Championship), Private J. Bambery (third in Championship and fourth in Officers' Match), Corporal Clyde (fourth in Championship), Sergeant Edwards (fifth in Championship and third in Officers' Match, and second in Company Match), Corporal M'Culloch (sixth in Championship, sixth in Officers' Match, and fifth in Company Match), Private Livingstone (seventh in Championship), Private W. Bambery second in Officers' Match and first in company prizes). Private Randle (first in Junior Championship and fifth in Officers' Match), Private R. Cook (second in Junior championship and first in Officers' Match), Private D. Cook (second in B Class), Private, J. Torrance (third in Junior Championship and third in B class), Private Smith (seventh in Officers' Match. Recruits: Private Bevan 1, Private Stevenson 2. Ladies' Match: Mrs M'Cullough 1, Miss Rutherford 2, Mrs Jones 3. During the evening a bright and varied programme was contributed to by Pettit's Orchestra, Sergeant A Cooper (song), Messrs Bezett (recitations), W. Whyte (song), J. Currie (flugel horn solo), W. Cork (comic song), Dunston (song). Hudson (song), Campbell (step dance), and Wyllie (duet). At the conclusion of the concert the floor was cleared for dancing, which was entered into with evident enjoyment.
A 2007 view of Wakari Drill Hall site.
19 Nairn St 2007
Kaikorai Dental Centre - 19 Nairn Street (2007)
Was No.35 Nairn Street in early years
Photograph Alan Gilchrist

See 1947 aerial photograph showing hall in this location in Nairn Street.
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From Papers Past: New Zealand Tablet,
Volume XXX, Issue 45, 6 November 1902, Page 16

MR. J. F. ARNOLD requests the Electors of the City of Dunedin
to meet him at the under mentioned places:-
Russell Street Mission Hall — Thursday, November 6.
Mornington Presbyterian Hall - Friday, November 7.
Leith Valley School — Tuesday, November 11.
Roslyn, Wakari Drill Hall — Wednesday, November 12.
Union Street School — Thursday, November 13.
Ladies specially invited to be present.